A panda, a fox, and a rabbit walk into town.. I’m sorry, I Wah, a Kitsune, and a Pooka take up residence in downtown Sequim today. It was Trick-or-treat time for everyone, and we were there to help out - in our fursuits.

Rennifer, Brennac, and Ravenfox entered the fray and became an instant hit with (most) kids and adults alike. We sat on a bench handing out 24lbs of candy (which we actually ran out of twice!)

Once candy ran out, we were inundated with photo ops. For me it was quite the challenge trying to keep up with who was where and asking for what, especially when we actually HAD candy to give AS WELL as posing for cameras!

My only real problem was my lack of visibility. Once I sat down, I was more at eye-level with kids (kid-level?) so I could see them coming. Except of course when they were off to the side. :) Still, we all had a blast, but we only manage a couple of pictures of ourselves after the festivities were over - to be posted later when I get a copy.

One More Ting!

I officially went to a con again! For an entire weekend. Thanks to walks_far. Rainfurrest 2015.

Lets say its the most fun I've had in a long time, and I met up with some folks I haven't seen in very long as well: baphnedia, malytwotails,slith_tschillin (well, I see him a little more often now he's in WA... but I went and moved to Port Angeles...) I met Axelroo, Harry (HobbyPanda), somefur who introduced himself as "Quincy." while I was in suit... and a bunch of others who I can't remember the names of now!

Speaking of suits, you can go to
or to check that out. The name is Brennac, a Red Panda. Thanks very much to walks_far and breimh.

The suit needs a few adjustments to work properly for me, mostly in the forepaws and head as breimh and I are built a little differently, he's a bit bigger than me.

I've been invited to do Norwescon, Furlandia, and Comicon. Comicon is a NO. I do NOT do crowds as it is. Furry crowds a can handle. I would go into meltdown in a place like CC.

More surgery!

Had my buttoscopy today! One hemorrhoid (internal) and 4 intestinal polyps (removed). Go me!
Next up: the scraping of previously mentioned cancer button to ensure it does not grow back, and to check out other possible nasty spots.

What's in a pronoun?

So, I was asked by one of the transgendered what my "pronoun" was, while setting up a game. That one caught me by surprise. I had assumed that sie would defer to me as being male. I was after all, bearded and 'stached and in male clothing. I responded "him... it?"

In my mind I hadn't really thought about it before. I mean, how does a GQ person identify oneself? The English language has no word for an "other" as far as genders go. Right now I'm reminded of an alien race in C.J. Cherryh's "Pride of Chanur" books that use the word, "sto" in reference to their (I believe) third gender (or genderlessness.)

I just go with the male for the ease of it. I am in a male vessel. The few times when I do examine myself on a purely inner-spiritual-type, I do tend to vie towards having a cloaca. Of coarse that's most likely the "dragon" me coming through, so I guess that's why it feels more natural.

This might be why I do still feel some confusion from time to time about what I am supposed to be. I do feel that the external genitalia tend be more of a target than a necessity, I can also see the attraction though.
Perhaps if both genders appeared similar on the outside, some prejudices and nastiness would not be as prevalent? I realise the naivete of that statement, but is it not worth thinking about?

Women's Game Day!

So, I went to Queer Geeks' "Women's" (and female identified/and supporters/etc.) game day at Round the Table ( )in Lynnwood on Saturday. Being the first "male" there was a little awkward and I was put on the spot during a discussion about the amount of women in comic book stores... Wow... first time EVER I felt like the odd one out LOL!

Still, we all ended up having fun. Games played after I showed up where Bang!, Salmon Run (I think??), and an interesting color/word matching game one of the ladies invented. Looking forward to next meetup, apparently in about a month. I do recommend the game store though - if anyone in the Seattle area remembers Dalmuti's in the U-District, well its a similar setup, but they sell games and have a bunch on loan for those wanting to play in-store.

Pain: the other way of life.

A little over a month ago I noticed I was developing a bump above my right ear. Seeing as I already have two cysts on that side of the head I didn't think anything of it. Just over a week ago I started getting odd pain there as well and discovered it had grown! I now had a 2-inch long ridge. Wearing my CPAP became difficult and I soon discovered that wearing it seemed to not only increase the amount of pain I was in, but the lump also swelled up! Over the weekend I started getting tooth-aches and ear-aches ( on that side of the head.) I started using a cushion rather than my pillow as it had more give to it. Pain soon extended along my lower jaw as well and it became almost impossible to sleep, even with pain-killers. Today my right eye started stinging a bit as well as my right cheek. Now, all this was not happening all the time, just in flashes but more and more often.

I show up at my counseling session and she says that the right side of my head appears swollen. So I make an appt and get one for later on. The doc can't find anything wrong, but I'm now on anti-biotics and will be going in for a CAT scan.

The meds seem to be working already as the pain has reduced drastically even if I still have the lump/ridge, and my ear still aches once in a while.
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